7 reasons why you cant google your way to the cheapest seller.

We are stupid hero worshipers. Indians in particular are so starved of heroes that  even when someone has done some small, stupid fancy act, she is glorified as a God.  There was Ramar Pillai who was a god, who converted water to petrol, there was Sathya Sai baba who created gold from air in uncontroled conditions, there was god of sex, there is one small litter who is god of cricket and there is one divorcee lady in Bombay who is God of granting all wishes.   This fetish for God hood continues and now we hear ‘ Google is God‘.  There are dumbwits ( Scores of them ) who say Google knows everything and has answers for any damn thing in this world. Here is an attempt to demythify,  why Google is not the answer. Read on to discover how blindfaith in retail shopping leads to a closed mindset:

How you let Google treat you

7. Vested advertisement interests :  Google has strong vested interests in promoting those who buy big advertisements from them. Every youtube video now precedes a sucky advt. you cant get rid of.  Most of the advertisements now appear above the search results and if you do not tilt your laptop screens ,sometimes you will be tempted to believe the advt to be the #1 result.  The biggest crap companies give is : “Content is different from advertisements “. If it were so, Jimmy Wales would have put advts on wikipedia decades ago. Google has revenue interests now. Its not interested in pointing you to the best seller.

6. Best vendors are not on web :  99.99 % of us do not go beyond the 2nd page of google results. Those 1.8 Bn search results to your keyword search is nothing but the biggest God damn lies. They put any junk , irrelevant result after 4th or 5th page. One of my friends who worked on Bing search told me that when he pointed to Microsoft about junk infesting 5th result  page onwards, they laughed and said every one knows this. We dont need to fix this. This result count is just to fool the users. Knowing this you would realize that search engines cover only those vendors who have web presence. A majority of highly efficient sellers just have nondescript presence on web. They are too busy handling volume of buyers to handle web too.

5. Google Search is not social :    Lets face the fact , google is getting totally marginalized in the social web era.  Its a dinosaur which just doesnt understand social web. (Refer Buzz, G+ ) . In early days, Eric Schmidt abused Zuckerberg on social wave and today it has to pay because Zucks allows Microsoft to access links shared on FB but bans google. Schmidt called Twitter as poor man’s email and later tried to wipe it out by launching Buzz(twitter clone). Goolge had a bloody nose as users thumped its one upmanship leading to death of Buzz. The quality of links picked up by humans is till date far superior than those picked by its ageing Page Rank algos. Its algos are gamed by SEO hacks across the world. Its getting gamed. Google is just putrid and inadequate on social search and doesnt enjoy trust in social web.

4. Too broad   :    Goes a popular joke amongst techies : There are 2 ways to solve a problem a) the google way by using millions of servers and resources and b) the smart way.  Google search results have spread so wide and thin,  that most of the general cases its irrelevant and sucky. Now for articles we search wiki. For answers we explore Quora, for news and happenings there is twitter and for best pictures we go to instagram. Why we do this, because they are curated by people and have some focus. I find it a pain getting right content through google.. or may be I do not know how to google ;)

3. Indexing SEO garbage  :    The rules of appearing on top results in Google are now a common knowledge. There are SEO pimps who will exchange links, there are directories with paid links, the meta tags, the text repitition etc are all known to the gamers. The top result in most non specific cases is not the best page but the page for which people have put in more SEO money.

2 Web Info only : Indexed search can give info on those vendors having proper web footprint only. Less real sellers are their. On 9 out of 10 occasions , I have found one particular seller in Pune selling the Samsung Galaxy for the lowest prices and he doesnt have a web site. The second best seller has a web site but doesnt give you any indication that it charges you least for all branded products. These sellers are doing so well  that they dont have to advertise themselves. Great Eastern trading co. in Calcutta is one such example, Alpha in Bombay and Radhika in Pune are other such. How do we get these precious wisdom which is only known to locals ?

1.Not relevant locally :  The results on google are in most cases,  not locally relevant.  Try #Productname Cheapest price #cityname  and it would invariably suck. On many occasions I searched for Pune prices and the results were from London , or Philllipines. There is no way Index search can tap into social wisdom of locals.  Shopping wisdom is experienced daily by numerous people who are buying, comparing, bargaining, discovering and observing. A dead algorithm written 15 years ago is no solution to this new age problem.

Do write back if you disagree or have any other thoughts on these points. Leaving you with an image sent to us by a reader :

Scroogled, the lies behind google search results



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8 Responses to 7 reasons why you cant google your way to the cheapest seller.

  1. Myntra coupons says:

    Everyone loves what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and reporting!

    Keep up the very good works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.

  2. Jigar says:

    Horrible horrible article. I do not see a single one relevant point here.

  3. Jai says:

    I find your post wrong on many levels . ( Probably because I am a kind of google fan boi )

    7 : YouTube ad does not have anything to do with point in post. Because no one goes to youtube to buy any product.

    6: Best Vendors are not on web – false claim , no citation /stat given ??. You should not have to go beyond 2nd page . All you needs are present on 1st page provided you have searched correctly. Besides if vendor not on web he/she is not best vendor.You may get it for cheap but without relevant and trusted user reviews I will not consider vendor best.

    5. Google Search is not social : Completely false . ALso its integration with Facebook is completely different ball game, not sure how it is relevant to product search in first place. It is like saying Nike is not good because it does not sell Reebok shoes. You should have mentioned advantages of FB/Bing and then compared it with google.

    4. Too broad : – Heard about Knowledge Graph ?? Besides google shows up wiki page almost on relevant searches so not sure what your point here is..

    3. Indexing SEO garbage : Heard about Panda updates ?

    2 Web Info only: Proper web footprint is not required to be listed in google searches. A simple half an hour spent on google plus would do the trick . Besides it is like saying my shoes are bad because they don’t take me to moon, Shoes aren’t responsible for taking you to moon. Google is not responsible for places that have no web footprint at all. Your point could have been phrased more on the lines of India being developing country and internet penetration being very low therefore google(or any site for that matter ) will not be ideal

    1.Not relevant locally : Abs false. Dead algorithm written 15 years ago – > ?? :O ?? :O ??. You better be kidding

    There is only one relevant point which you did not mention and created a crappy blog post.

    Relevant Point – Google Search Engine’s primary motive is to show relevant web sites for your search. It is not a ecommerce site. (Google shopping is completely different story )

    • The problem which accompanies being a Fan boi is : We get blinded by aura and have a disconnect with rational reality . An adolescent in love gazes her lover as perfect soul overlooking the graves. Here are responses to some of the points you raise ( Not sure whether blinded you will accept any one of them )
      7. The you tube context is used for showing how *SICK* and desperate Google has become in pushing advertisements. There are some places it pushes advertisement shamelessly and at other places with camouflage example the advertisements on top of search results.
      6 The volume of retail transactions happening online in US, India are respectively : 18 % and 1.8 % ( Shall provide citation ) . The review part is over stretched. When I wish to buy an Galaxy S IV and find a no frill offline seller who is selling it for 2 grands less why the F should i care about reviews which can be infested by paid stooges. Offline still rules for majority of products.
      5. I didnt think there will be so dumb people reading article who will have zero idea about the value of social link picking. May be desecendents of Eric Schmidt will be such dinosaurs.. We cant educate you. You can be driven by propaganda : http://www.quora.com/Arun-Purohit/Posts/4-reasons-to-not-listen-to-Eric-Schmidts-propaganda

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  5. Dear VC,

    Thanks a lot for reading the article and contradicting it point wise.

    The body, when it dies or is on death bed has multiple failures or symptoms that death is near.
    There is no doubt you can replace lungs, kidneys, eyes, heart and so on… but thats not a productive thing to do to an old body frame.
    When the time comes, you have to just let the body die and let new life emerge. It will be a catastrophe if people, products do not die after having lived a life or served a purpose. Why we believe so it given here : http://www.wic.co.in/blog/dont-love-your-source-code-let-it-die/
    I am removing all trolling parts from the comments so that we can dissent, disagree and discuss on the topic. That will keep the discovery of truth on track .

  6. VC says:

    First off, I am surprised you didn’t say anything about privacy concerns.

    7. Use Adblock Plus if you hate the ads.
    Though most of the time I do find the ads quite useful.

    6. How is it Google’s fault that most vendors are not online? They are trying to get SMBs online for free.
    And do you really have the time to go through a billion results? If you need to go past the first few pages, then you probably need to learn how to google.

    5. Google having no access to fb shared links is somewhat of a problem. But if I search on fb + bing, I don’t get any more useful links than I do on google.
    And you can find many results from human-curated deal sites like desidime or freekamaal on google easily .
    Is searching on fb really any better? https://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=buy%20samsung%20s3%20india&type=eposts

    4. But why use multiple sites to search. If you are following a cricket match, rather than opening up twitter to find the latest cricket score and public comments, youtube to find the latest highlights, espn to find a text commentary, why not just google it and click on the first few links.
    Also, most of these sites to do not support advanced operators such as ‘-’or ‘|’ or have autocorrect.
    ^^ above gives results from pages from india within the past hour.
    you can use the site: operator to google specific sites.

    3. Please provide a few examples of search terms which don’t provide the best results.

    2. see #6

    1. If you are using google.co.in then it should show local search results.
    Further more, you can set it to show only pages from India in search tools and use the shopping tab to see only prices.
    here’s an example
    sure it doesn’t show all the prices but it’s much easier than browsing through all the results.

    I suggest you take this course http://www.powersearchingwithgoogle.com
    Alternatively, you can use duckduckgo.com

    Wish you the best,

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