A Giant leap of faith from a SWISS BANK to START UP!!

The people who belong to a startup are those who, after listening about it, just cannot stop themselves from joining !!
 Giant leap of faith

Giant leap of faith

The start : After completing CA (Chartered Accountancy course by ICAI) at 21 and being among top rankers, I didn’t have to try hard to start my career.  An offer from Credit Suisse as Product controller is what many just dream off. I didnt have resolute thoughts as to what I wanted,  from my life.  The market was so terrible that  every CA just wanted to  land up in a job. I accepted the offer  without much rational thought. Investment banking is a very fancy word, I often heard while studying. I thought I will make trucks of money and retire in some 5 years. The reality  however was different!!

First six months at Credit  Suisse were the coolest, as I  experienced global exposure, foreign trip and travails of an MNC. Life was uncomfortably normal. I was working five days a week and hanging out on weekends.  An year  just flew by. I started thinking while looking back.

It’s their shot  to be a part of something possibly awesome or it may be a one big dream they call Inception. On  one crazy afternoon I met  Arun Purohit CEO of Simplibuy Technologies . The company has built  a product called www.wicfy.com . Talking to him, I  got  amazed at  his risk taking attitude and the struggles he relishes  to pursue his passion. I  realized,  there is nothing to lose at an age of 23 years in trying to dream something big.    Is it feasible, practical and wise for me to  jump the boat and take a new journey.  I kept ruminating on the paths which stare me into the face A blue pill to continue with the convention and a red pill to try and live an extraordinary life.

What milestone did I achieve?

I found no answer. I then thought, may be spiritual side is missing in life. So I started working on weekends with NGOs .  This kept me occupied and I thought I was  understanding myself  better. I still was grappling with a strange thought – “Whats missing in my life ? 

I did the unthinkable. I quit my job at Credit Suisse and joined this startup for the right reason (i.e. to learn). I remember it was a tough call for me, many a times I used to get lost and felt myself crazy  Trust me this was the first time  in 1.5 years I felt liberated and independent in my thought.

How does it feel ?

Since then  I  am  having a tremendous learning experience.   Having a first hand view  of   how a startup grows is real joy. The only thing I now want to be is  an entrepreneur. This kind of experience is invaluable  to launch your own startup; Simplibuy even encourages  you to do the same.

A startup will expect you to get rolling from day1. You must be reasonably good at atleast 1 thing and pick up the rest on the job. As my core competence is  finance, that came to me as a direct responsibility. The more challenging part however is the role of a strategist.  Yes,  I am thrilled with the role of a content strategist at Wicfy.   This is what will stretch the neurons of a chess player like me to the max. Keep following this post to see how the journey unfolds

( Abhinay Somani is CA  who has joined Wicfy as a Financial Controller and Content strategist. In his spare time he plays chess and enables people to Vote for better India  a project by NGO –  Volunteer for a better India )



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30 Responses to A Giant leap of faith from a SWISS BANK to START UP!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    All d Vry best abhinay fr dis new journey..hope u mak it really big..

  2. Anonymous says:

    All the very best abhinay for this new journey..hope u mak it really big bro.

  3. Sunil kumar says:

    Good to see yu work for a start up bro..:) keep going :) Hope yu start on ur startup ideas early

  4. Dear Abhinay

    It feels good to hear that you left your high paying job to do something what you loved and are earning by doing what you love…

    Hats off… Expecting that others also follow the same route soon…

  5. anil funde says:

    Hey Arun,

    need to visit u. brainwash me and pull of all scares within me.

  6. Abhay says:

    When i met you first you didn’t seem like a regular guy. I had thought you were more ambitious and a free thinker. My guess was right. We need more people like you. Guess what, i also did the same as soon as i moved back to London. All the best and you will learn a lot.

    • Abhinay Somani says:

      Thanks Abhay ! that was a big word buddy . . happy for you !! I believe its the law of attraction which fortunately make me meet the awsom and like minded ppl . . Best wishes for your venture . . i know u gona make it big !!

  7. Vinay Silla says:

    Great to see you chosing what your heart says… Looking to see you as successful entrepreneur..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost…;-).

  9. sanjana hegde says:

    Congratulations on taking the first step, takes a lot of guts and gumption to do what you did .. All the very best to you and the company in the future..

  10. Anonymous says:

    You Rock dude.

  11. Krishna says:

    All the best Abhinay..!!

  12. Manish Kokare says:

    Great!!! All the very best for your future endeavors:-)

    Yes you had an advantage of your early age to choose something you wish to do in your life..Good luck

  13. Anonymous says:

    All the very best dear!! Sky is the limit

  14. Anup says:

    All the best Abhinay. Keep it up!!!

  15. anon says:

    I hope that the startup also keeps its promise and retains your faith in them in the near future. Leaving a cash rich company for a startup is a very big decision. Good luck ahead.

  16. Anonymous says:

    all the very best fr ur future..!!

  17. Rj surya says:

    Dude..! We know each other from the past 4-5 years..! In these all years., i really think that i have not taken any advice from a person who really thinks as mentioned above., Be ready for my call. Dunno when it rings up on your Phone.. :)

    All the Best.


    • Abhinay Somani says:

      he he . . that was a big word buddy . . !! Happy to talk with my-selfishness as i learn more from you rather !! Fortunate to have nexus !!

  18. Mohith says:

    I watched the glorious career of the author so closely. Proud of being his mate

  19. Anonymous says:

    Great!!! All the very best for your future endeavours:-)

  20. Anonymous says:

    After reading the blog, I remembered one of my friends who took risk, worked hard and made his startup dream – a reality. Last week, I heard from him that his company is amongst top 5 search engines in the US. I can tell you – continue staying hungry & enjoy working – you will make it big! Wish you the BEST!

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