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( Shreya Mundra is a student at Symbiosis and also a Digital Content writer at Wicfy. She is an avid traveler and has been traveling overseas every year, since she was six. A die hard shopper, she shops smart always. Here she is starting a 5 post series on best malls she has visited across the world. Tune into read about a new mall every Thursday )

Malls have become the modern temples of shopping and are life gardens of products from which lifestyle  flowers are picked up. When on a trip or besides sight seeing and amusement one of the most immersive activity is shopping . I love shopping at various malls or shopping centres. When not shopping, I  just relax, roam and eat in Malls. Serendipity is when I find something great at an amazing price during trip to me is what icing is to cakes. Indeed shopping is an important part of our trip. Some people visit different destinations for just good shopping.



Here is in this series of 5 posts I will take you to the  five best shopping malls across the world which make me want to visit them again, again and again.

MBK- MBK Center, also known as Mahboonkrong, is a large shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand. At eight stories high, the center contains around 2,000 shops, restaurants and service outlets, including the 4-story Tokyu department store. enter is located in Pathum Wan district, on the southwest corner of the intersection of Rama I Road and  Phaya Thai  Road.

Why is it so popular ?

The MBK Center is the most popular place to shop with the tourists in Bangkok. Ironically, even for the Bangkok residents its most popular. Knockoff items can be found in abundance at this shopping complex. The cell phones are cheaper than any other place in Thailand and there is every conceivable model available. MBK was the largest shopping mall in Asia when it opened opened in 1985. Named after the parents of the developer Sirichai Bulakul, Mah & Boonkrong, their statues are located on the ground floor and worth a look. MBK C

Whats great about it architecture ?

Floor after floor there are stalls/ shops selling almost everything- and much of it at very reasonable prices. Each floor seems to be geared to different departments ie- the 4th floor has electronics, phones and watches, 3rd floor has fashion, bags and handbags while the 1st floor has footwear, shoes and so on. There are also several banks and currency exchange.


How do you haggle here ?

Here in MBK, haggling is fun and polite.  It is well worth having a good walk around first; however, as someone somewhere will have the same product at a better price.  Keep moving till you find one of the most crowded store in its category and you will not have to haggle.

What must yo buy here ?

The top 5 categories of product bought here are :

1. Cell phone ( New and used) :  There are more than 200 stores for cell phone and you cant go wrong on it. Just check that phone is new and its manual accessories are intact.

2. Shoes ( USD 6.0  to Hand made one for USD 33 ) : In general shoes are 30% to 60 % cheaper than any other place in Thailand

3. Back packs and luggage : There are more than 50 stores selling luggage and back packs. They start from  USD 7  and can go upto 300 for Swiss army ones

4 .Tee Shirts

5 Bags : Most of the Thai guys swear that 90% of their bags have been bought at MBA. Some of the best MBK bag shops to start off at are the ones selling inexpensive fashion bags, canvas bags, shopping bags, evening bags – you name it they sell it, and many go for the same price –  ($6.75). They’re wonderful for gifts to take back home too.

Do check in next Thursday ,as sheya takes you to get an inside view of a mall in USA.

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    Lot of nice ideas you have on here

  2. Lot of nice ideas you have on here

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