Dont love your source code, let it die

If it were upto us, all our ancestors would have been alive – Al Ries

We humans are a strange bundle of emotions and logic. Sometimes the emotions guide us in such directions that it conflicts with the nature. We all wish, death never comes to anybody especially to our elders. Imagine the havoc it will create on earth if all the ancestors were alive. The amount of resources they would consume,  the significant value they will add,  the amount of resistance they will put to the new waves of change. Death became theirs because it made sense to the nature.  Nature wants end to the lives which have served their purpose. Only when new LIVES take charge, that significant evolution occurs. Its ugly but true that—- “We cant teach an old dog a new trick”. ”

Death is desirable

What is the relevance of this gospel truth to our lives, products  and organizations ?

During course of our product or evolution, we find many sentimentalist team members who strongly resist deaths of the existing database design, written code, screen, user flow, interactions, algorithms, organization culture ,product etc. The rush to not let these die  is often manic in proportion. “What!!!! you want to junk the code and do something entirely radical ??? ” We see moist eyes, passionate defenses only comparable to death of living beings. One great such example is the near manic opposition Rahul Bajaj did when Rajiv, the new CEO wanted to kill the entire Bajaj scooter line. The senior Bajaj was down to tears seeing his baby getting killed. But Rajiv knew that Bajaj had to evolve to the requirement of new planet and bikes was the way to go. He paid salaries every month to older employees for full one year and asked them not to come to work. The old organization had to die to pave way to the sportier Bajaj which would become world’s #1 motorbike maker and it did only after the death of scooters.

The fact  is, obsoletes  must pack their bags and go.  Designs, organizations habits or whatever, after having served their life and purpose must die.  They cant consume resources and inhibit growth. They must pave way to mutated designs . Only the designs which have evolved to prosper in the new environment,  have a justification to live on.

Orkuts, Britannicas, Web 1.0 , deal sites have to die to let the more evolved systems prosper. This also applies to our habits, practices, approaches, the way our organizations work, governments function and designs work.


Sad but true , “Death is good “.



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  1. tejas says:

    should add facebook comments fuctionality to this website to make it more viral.

  2. Vijay says:

    Well said.

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