Exams I’m POSSIBLE.. !

Every new challenge brings in new opportunity and pursuing opportunity leads to richer experience in life.. I have always enjoyed studies and writing exams has been a crazy hobby for me.

Can you imagine writing two exams at the same time on same day at two different centers with distance of 9.4km between them?

Agree, it’s possible to scribble something on the answer script on both papers but is it possible to do best in both of them?

Here is a real story of thinking and making it possible. .

On 28th Dec’12, two of my exams clashed – CS( Company Secretary) Executive (Tax) and BCOM (English), scheduled at the same time 2.00 to 5.00 PM – The distance between the exam centers was 9.4km. Skipping any, would have meant writing all the papers again. I had already skipped CS once because of work related travel to Singapore. I had won scholarship to study CS and wanted to  uphold the faith reposed in me . While CS exam was important from ethical point of view, the BCOM paper was critical for all subsequent qualifications..

Since I was new to Pune and stayed at outskirts, the city roads were new and confusing to me. I didn’t know the traffic conditions  or route. I used maps and found out how it  looks on  google.

Pune Map

Pune Map

I checked how much is the driving time  between the two centers , how many signals to cross, the shortest route and drew it on my tax book.

I first went to appear for the Tax paper at SNDT College, Pune ( marked as Exam I on the map ) Before the exam, I told the examiner “Mam! I really have an emergency; I may have to leave the exam hall in half way. . Please consider. . “She said, okay!!  The very movement the paper was in my hand; I just forgot the world and started the paper with jet speed as if completing it in half time was the only purpose of life. I did attempt 98 Marks in about 1.25 hr. I left the paper on my seat and ran, picked my bike, rushing to the next center at Azam Campus. The scene was similar to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElFsXCiKhyg I reached the second exam center in 13 mins.

If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough!!

After reaching the next center I didn’t even collect the change for the parking was literally running to the exam hall shouting as emergency, requested the examiner to let me in. He said, You are 1.45hr late, we can’t allow you to write the exam!



I begged saying it’s the matter of my life.. he insisted that  I  speak  to the director incharge, I rushed into the directors room and apologized for being late and explained that I am coming from very far I pleaded for giving me one opportunity to write exam. I will return the paper on time as everyone else. He said “You only have 1hr left Son”, I said, that’s perfect, Thanks!! Not letting the tension around affect me, I attempted 80-Marks in that paper with a great sense of accomplishment.

That was the time; I experienced the real pursuit of happiness!! It was a once in life time experience which am sure I can proudly tell my kids if they ever get worried about writing exams.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your choice by choice!!

After two months, results were declared.   I had cleared both the exams, 68-Marks in Tax (Exemption + highest among all my paper) and 63 Marks in English. Hence it’s a miracle to score 131marks in 3 hours.

If I only had three words of advice, they would be, YES U CAN!  If get three more words, I’d add, COME WHAT MAY!!

Only those who attempt the extreme…will achieve the impossible!! Do not waste your precious youth years. You have infinite energy. Learn, love, lift, laugh as much as you can then, because life will eventually make you more cynical and bitter and you will lack that blissful ignorance when you grow older.

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt things we think are impossible? This blog is to all those who feel exam to be difficult.  Those who do underestimate their capability, I would be happy if this inspired even a fraction of you.  You can write to me at somani.abhinay@gmail.com

Crazy guys follow their own direction!!  Show must go on friends!!

CA Abhinay Somani

Financial Controller at www.wicfy.com




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20 Responses to Exams I’m POSSIBLE.. !

  1. mahesh jakhotia says:

    Wow!! Can feel the goosebumps dude!
    Inspirational story -this should go in the essays yaar.

  2. Shefali says:

    Hey bro…Hats off to u!!! U have d supremest type of speed…m soo inspired by ur real life story…i mean completing 80 marks paper in jus 1 hr n dat also wid good marks…tysm for sharing dis…goodluck fr ur life ahead.

  3. nitin says:

    Ucan really do something different dude

  4. Vikas Agrawal says:

    Abhay dat was indeed inspiring…..

  5. Sujeeth Jain says:

    Abhinav Somani just giving it all is really should be the motto of one’s life and your story makes me feel happy about that. I have always believed the same and what you said about having a blissful ignorance in the years of youth I couldn’t agree more….

  6. Ankur kashyap says:

    Hey somani it was amazing aft readin ur blog ….its really inspiration to all the students of present generation .. Aft readin i myself got some faith that one can do the impossible thing possible … Nothing in lif is impossible till v consider … Thinking should be high then only one cn achieve …. Hats off somani

  7. anantha says:

    Hey abhi thanks for sharing such an inspiration words. Let me try my luck and hardwork of my exams. Myself busy in working. Thanku

  8. RS Wadne says:

    ..131 marks in 3 hrs !!! really amazing ! speed of the speeeeeds..!
    hope u keep the same energy in future life and I’ll see u @ new destination dear dost..:)

  9. Lokesh Das says:

    ” If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough!! ”

    so true… so true…

  10. Rohit says:

    I’m seriously in a state of shock that how cud u actually attempt for a whooping 98 marks in just 1.25 hours students like me cant even afford 80+ attemption in a 3-hour schedule!! o.O
    sicerely bhai.,u were/are outstanding.,say evrytng evryone…but there’s something in u that have had led u to such a position in ur life today.
    hats-off to U O:)

    • Abhinay Somani says:

      Hey . . Rohit . . That was a big word man !! Thanks !

      But trust me even you can do that . . provided you give ur best as if thats the only purpose of ur living then 1.25hrs is too much time !!

      Show should go on !! Best wishes

  11. sonam bansal says:

    it was awesome man and u did it keep it up

  12. Pawan Sarda says:

    Abhinay, that’s seriously awesome man! You’ve set an example for all students. And I guess you had your CMA exams too in the same month, earlier! Amazing stuff :-)

    • Abhinay Somani says:

      Thanks Pawan !! Happy to enjoy this experience with you . . ! I still remember we spoke over fone this before exams . . and ur trust made my confidence.

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