Surviving and 5 things we are proud of

5 short triumphs we are proud of ( They may not be chest thumping jaw dropping value for Dalal streets or for suited Investment Bankers but they speak of the exciting life we have lived)

Its a war

5. Giving the creators a good environment :  Is  AC for startups a luxury? May and June scorched and Pune was as hot as any other place. We had 2 CS interns from IIT Kharagpur and 4 full time MBA interns from Symbiosis working full time  for 4 months. External heat coupled by body heat of individuals made it impossible to sit, let alone think ,code or design productively. We took a decision to install an AC in developer room. It was not a luxury for founders but land mark day. . After 18 months of starting up, finally a top rated Hitachi AC gave the code warriors something BPO wallahs and IT services guys take for granted. We fought  hard to earn it. A fridge followed and then all the employees contributed to get an Induction hot plate. Today, even if the world shuts down, we can build apps for weeks. The hunger for food will no longer get in the way of the hunger to create world class code.

4.  Oceans  did not bind us : In early December 2011 we were an aircraft in the sky with “Low Fuel ” warning beeping noisily. Crash appeared imminent close to completing our first year. Nature however had different path written as our destiny and we had a conviction to soldier on . We called up our key Lieutenants and said we have problem paying you salaries. Are you still with us ? Yes, we are with you, we trust you and even if you can pay us 1/4th  we will still carry on. What else can founders dream of ? They have gone ahead to become shareholders of the company and are committed to create the best pieces of software ever written. We applied for Times group incubator and they valued as at pittance. With honor on stake, on one epochal night, a friend said, lets  burn this night out  and do a complete turn around. Calls to prospective investors went on the whole night. By dawn, we did what rarely a startup has done before. We opened the channel for Foreign direct investment in an early startup. An Angel from California decided to evangelize our startup. Who said fairy tales dont come true anymore. Totally transformed, the nose of diving aircraft was up again, cruising in the sky. Hours on Skype, mentoring, wisdom and coaching helped the company transform itself to a highly resilient organization. We broke the startup funding barrier. We blazed a new trail.

3. Beta launch and foray into mobile technology : In November last year, we shed our cocoon of being an Alpha site . It served the purpose of demonstrating the concept but looked like a Sophomore project. We wanted the interface to look like a work of art and needed some really good artists, web designers, Ux designers. Months of hunting, searching led to discovery of Ipsita Sarkar. She totally revolutionized our landing page. Our About us page is one of the most innovative any where in the world. The interface designed by Nitin Garg is being loved by people across boundaries. Unlike building monuments, software product is a perpetual work in progress. We continue to make WiC leaner, more beautiful and effective.  Our mobile application went into Alpha in the Summer and is gearing up for Diwali release. A beautiful blend of technology and art, we hope to reach wider audiences after its launch. The web product is nearing it first completion. An incoming investor remarked- “Now is the time for Simplibuy to blast off like a missile “.

2. Founders and Dangers : In last 2 year, I met with 2 terrible accidents. The first one tore apart my flesh and veins. It left a “Do it ” swoosh on my left leg. The second accident could have almost killed. On a fast moving Hinjavadi road, while crossing the road with my 3 year old son in hand , I was hit by a motor cyclist coming from the wrong side. I was tossed up in air, body parallel to ground. I held my son tightly, protecting his head with both my palms as I hit the ground. My shoe and the car keys flung to the other side of the divider. It was a huge impact, which shook my back bone. The pain lasted for more than 2 months but I was happy that not even a bruise could hit the kid. It’s the same spirit which lets me protect Simplibuy. This baby must grow and proudly claim its place in league of most admirable companies.

1. Valuation and issuing shares to the investors : Before we started this company , I had read a profound quote – “If you are doing something really big, it will involve some of the most complex human skills and capabilities ever developed “. The things with Simplibuy since inception have followed this maxim. The patent, we drafted and published in USA stands on the shoulder of 100s of treatises written on price comparison space. The valuation process we undertook covered almost every thing that can be done to calculate it. The Share holders agreement we have finalized, is one of the most comprehensive one, meeting exacting standards of Series B venture capital . The lawyer who worked on our agreement is a veteran of few 100 crore deals but he said that he has never worked on something as intricate as our SHA.

We have learned in 2 years what the earlier 12 years couldnt teach us. Startup is the most exciting thing one can experience.



About Purose

Arun Purohit is an entrepreneur and CEO of He holds a masters degree in software systems from BITS PILANI and started his professional career in 1998 . In his 15 years career he has juggled multiple roles from manufacturing to missiles, from CAD to Web . He now works on product design, building the organization. His spare time is spent coaching kids on Chess, Boxing and playing squash or trekking hills near Pune
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6 Responses to Surviving and 5 things we are proud of

  1. Truly inspiring, Leonidas.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Santosh says:

    Congratulations Guys.

    Don’t ever let down the spirit to fight back against odds and succeed. Good going.

  4. Ashwin says:

    Congratualtions guyz :)

    Bhai party toh Banti hai

    (PS: Yes I am a selfish moron.. but if thats what it takes to get a free drink/s… then so be it.


  5. Vijay says:

    My best wishes to WIC on its 2nd birthday. I wish to see WIC as an answer from India to google. wish u all the best.

  6. Adnan Tauqueer says:

    Puros….I have no doubts in my mind that you are going to rock the world very soon…..My best wishes are always with you…..I am dying to see you on top of the world….GOD Bless

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