Top 10 koschuns investors didnt ask b4 investing chaar sau assi karod in Quora

Quora has just raised U$ 80 million in series C investments . Hold your breath, the investors from Tiger global didnt ask 10 solid koschuns to Adam D Angelo which a Bombay walla  investor asked a week ago.. Here are they ..

Ab le lo Meri


The ten famous investor koschans for which former CTO of  Phacebook had no answer


  1.  Tu  pehle yeh bataa ki rokda kaisa banaayenga ? //  First tell me how  will you make money ?
  2. Tere agley 60 saal ka revenue projection kya hai ? // What are your revenue projections for next 60 years i.e the life time value of your company
  3. Teri exit strategy kya hai ? 1 saal mein maal duguna maarega kya ? // What is your exit strategy ? Can you double our money in 1 year
  4. Public content share kyon karegee ? Saala usko kyaa milta hai maal jhhadney sey? // Why will people share content? What do they get out of  jacking off their knowledge ? 
  5. Joh log aansar share karegaa  uski  kya guarantee hai.. ki saala public ka maamoo nahi bana raha hai ?// What is the guarantee of truthfulness of people giving answers and that they are not making an ass out of people
  6. Tu  meraa jawaai ko naukari dengaa kya tera company mein ? // Will you give job to my son in law in your company ? 
  7. Thoda kuchh sex daal sakta hai kya  teraa web site mein? Saala teraa site mein masaala nahi hai.. aur yahaan sex ke binaa kuchh nahi bikta . // Can you put some sex in the site ? There is no spice and other than sex nothing sells
  8. Saala hum log facebook  aur  whatsapp par koschan kyon nahin pooch sakta ? Hum Bewda hai jo teraa sookha site par jaaayengaa ? // Why cant we use FB/whatsapp for asking question , why will we go to a dry site like yours
  9. Abhi Google teraa waat lagaayega  toh tu teraa  fataa huwa kaisay silegaa ?  aur haan… // If google tries to screw you then how will you sew your ruptures
  10.  Khaali peeli tem kharaab mat kar .. Yey facebook  wallah teraa dukaan  6 mahine mein  khareedega  kya ? Apun paanch dus khoka daalengaa ek dum Black mein. abheech // Is there a chance that face book will buy you in six months? If yes, we can put in 1 to 2 Mn dollars

Adam endured the koschans from this Bombay waala investor.  This is what he felt after raising cash  :

Adam Babuwa ismiling aaphter phunding

Adam Babuwa eesmiling aaphter phunding



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  1. romeo says:

    arrey bhaai akhir kehna kya chahte ho?

  2. arun says:

    such a sad attempt of humor

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