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The question is not
who is going to let us
it's who is going to stop us?
-Ayn Rand

Simplibuy Team is radical in nature and thought. We are crazy about adventure, music, art, fun, food, programming and design. We are first handers who believe in useful creations which are novel, beautiful and simplify life. We admire Apple, Aamir, Amartya and are irreverent to... Sh.. We have built high performing teams without missing out on biking, sports, chess, wall climbing and all night binges..

Pictures speaks lot..

  • EventsEat,drink and have fun :)
  • EventsEnlightning 'W' of Wicfy
  • EventsIts not just work, fitness too
  • EventsThe Purple Wave
  • EventsWork the way you like
  • EventsPeople enjoying party
  • EventsFook the ball to win :-O
  • EventsWe dont sign B'day cards but do so on T-shirts
  • EventsIts not a product demo but RACE to Win
  • EventsYess, We are CRAZY..O_O

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