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The Wicfy Hike

This Sunday, you can laze on your bed, eat a dumb omelet or be among the fastest ones up on the Mhalunge Hill near Balewadi and end up winning exciting prizes.

The beautiful view of Sahyadris, cool breeze, sounds of peacock, nightingales and aromatic tea also comes FREE.

Transform your Sunday morning experience with a climb up on the sexy Mhalunge Hill . At the peak, the sounds of nature, make it the perfect place to shoot pictures, unwind and view Pune like a GOD !

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61 people registered so far.

Team Wicfy throws a tiny 50 minutes hike challenge to let you experience what 'Being on TOP' means.

NOTE : This trek is suitable for Aam aadmi ( And Aurat also ). It has been done by Wicfy employees. It's completely SAFE. These 4 simple people made it to top without any equipment, guide or troubles: )

How to reach ?

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Note : The green pointer on map is the destination. Please contact us for clafrification.
Landmark : KUL ecoloch

Terms and Condition

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Event Schedule

  1. 30th April, Tuesday, 1800 hrs: Registrations opens.
  2. 4th May, Saturday, 1800 hrs : Registrations closes.
  3. 5th May, Sunday
    1. 0600 hrs : Reporting at the registration desk.
    2. 0630 hrs : Hiking begins.
    3. 0730 hrs : Hiking start point closes.
    4. 0900 hrs : Declaration of winners and prize distribution at the Wicfy kiosk.

Achal : 869 892 2016
Ravi : 840 798 6255

In case of emergency, our medical partners Lifepoint will available to help.

Contact : 020 - 66434343/66434366

Register for the event via Facebook or Google

Terms and conditions

  1. Entry is open for people from Pune aged 15 and above.
  2. You should be physically fit .
  3. No hiking equipment viz ropes or assistance is acceptable. Every individual needs to complete the hike on her own without help from anyone else.
  4. The company is not liable to any injury or accident happening during the event. Contestants have to hike at their normal pace and should not run.
  5. Good shoe with grip is needed for the hike. The last part of the climb is difficult.
  6. One need to register to event on
  7. Though we will have first aid available, participants must take care of their own safety.
  8. In interest of environment no plastic bag or food stuff will be allowed to be taken up.
  9. Camera, binoculars, mobiles however can be carried.
  10. and its partners reserve the right to take pictures of participants and use them in their reports, media release, marketing and publicity.
  11. Any foul play, pushing, elbowing or unfair means will lead to immediate disqualification.
  12. The decisions of judges will be final.
  13. Only first 200 registrants will be considered for participation.
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